We have the largest flatbed collator in the north of England and the most flexible, it is capable of collating flat sheets, tab dividers, folded sheets and stitched books, in any combination ( ideal for making up binders ) making handcollating a thing of the past.

From skip binding with hard back covers to the more complex ½ Canadian/ 6pp cover books, right through to a limited edition die cut shaped book we produced, we can walk you through every step of the way.

We have added a bespoke stayflat system to our automated shrinkwrapper to enable us to wrap thinner products, such as calendars or loose leaf products.

Miniature Folding
From your basic miniature folding through to a 56pp then onto Z card folds which, with our in house hand finishing department you can also have the covers attached all under one roof.

Combination Work
Very few finishing houses carryout jobs which require both hand and machine work, all done on the same premises.