Our plant list

Muller Primera C130, 6 feeders, 2 cover feeders and a 5 knife trimmer.
1 x 4 feeder Muller stitching line.
1 x Harris stitching line.
Folders All MBO’s with cross units.
T530 miniature folder.
T700 6 plate with 6 plate cross unit.
2 x T800’s.

B30 with double gatefold plate.
2 x Rambundler.
Perfecta 115 guillotine.
Iram 4 headed drill + 1 x 2 headed drill,
Adpak: Auto shrinkwrapper with stayflat system. 2 x L sealers.
Coltec 28 station flat bed multi collator.
Renz Auto punch, P500 heavy duty punch and a Renz high speed wirobinder.


Our Services


  • 2 Muller Martini stitching lines.
  • 2 cover feeders plus 6 conventional feeders.
  • 1 Harris Stitcher.
  • 2 Up and multi section work.
  • ASIR 3 signature recognition.
  • Capacity for 3 MILLION books per week.
  • Inline endorse folding available + ram bundling.


  • 5 MBO folders with full cross units and knife folds.
  • Producing anything from a simple 4pp to map folding, z folds,  and double gate folding.
  • Miniature folding.


  • 2 Flat sheet collating lines with A3 to A7 capabilities, up to 28 stations.
  • Collating capabilities include, die cut sheets, heavy board,  tab dividers and finished booklets.
  • Options for in line corner wiring.


  • AUTO PUNCH Proficiently punches books, catalogues & calendars accurately and efficiently.
  • Heavy Duty punch capable of punching heavy covers and acetate sheets.
  • AUTO WIROBINDER suitable for all sizes of book and calendar work upto A2 landscape.
  • Capacity for 15000  books/calendars per day.

Other Services

  • Handfulfillment.
  • Automatic Shrink wrapping, polybagging and pillowbagging.
  • IRAM four headed drill.
  • Padding from common leaves to multi leaf pads with or without covers.